How it started

How it started

In December 2020, while I was a sophomore in college, I launched NORTHRNR. It started with a few flannels I put online, each featuring a bear patch above the pocket. After my sophomore year, I made the bold decision to drop out of college and focus entirely on NORTHRNR. Many questioned my choice, calling it impractical. Since then, I've faced the harsh realities of entrepreneurship, including being evicted from apartments due to my business operations.

Initially, I had no clear direction—I sold flannels online and to friends without a defined purpose or mission. I was learning on the fly. That summer after dropping out, I launched my first summer line and sold only around $30 or $100 worth of product. It was then that I realized I needed to rethink my brand and clarify my goals. Business wasn't easy, and I had to set aside my ego to avoid failure. Initially known as Northerner Trading Co., my brand lacked identity—I sold old designs with little connection to my vision.

Over the next two years, I launched collections twice a year—summer and winter—putting everything I had into them. I invested my life savings, even to the point of checking my bank account during meals with my girlfriend after spending everything on my Winter 2022 launch. Despite the challenges, those seasons marked a turning point. I began to discover my unique style and design approach, and people started noticing and ordering from NORTHRNR.

Since then, it's been a roller coaster of highs and lows. By 2024, I finally feel I've defined my brand, its purpose, and the value it offers. It took three years of trial and error to truly understand what I was doing—more than any college education could have taught me. I've poured my heart into NORTHRNR because I believe in it.

I just wanted to really wanted to tell you how Northrnr started and what it's been through. Hope you enjoyed (:


- William Omodt (Founder)